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The Salinan are a Native American tribe whose ancestral territory is in the southern Salinas Valley and the Santa Lucia Range in the Central Coast of California. Today, the Salinan governments are now working toward federal tribal recognition from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (they are recognized by the state of California).


There were two major divisions, the Miguelino in the south, on the upper course of the Salinas River (which flows south to north), and the Antoniano in the north, in the lower part of the Salinas Basin, corresponding to the two missions in the Salinas Valley (Mission San Antonio de Padua and Mission San Miguel Arcángel). There were also a Playano group on the Pacific Coast in the vicinity of what is now San Simeon and Lucia. Before European contact, Salinans lived by hunting and gathering, purposefully making seasonal rounds throughout their territory to gather needed resources for food, clothing, medicines, tools and structures.

The Encinales Family in 1904. 


A basket made by Perfecta Encinales.

There are many narratives available on the history of the Salinan peoples; only some are listed here. In order to do justice to the rich and beautiful history and culture of these people, you are encouraged to read some or all of the more in-depth links below. The list is NOT exhaustive:


The map below indicates traditional village settlements.

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